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  • Alexandria, VA – On Thursday, November 30, 2017, the House of Representatives passed the Ensuring a Qualified Civil Service Act of 2017 [EQUALS Act of 2017] (H.R. 4182) by a vote of 213-204.  Federal Managers Association (FMA) National President Renee Johnson made the following comments:

    “The Federal Managers Association has worked for many years to provide federal agencies the flexibility to extend employees’ probationary periods. In the 2015 Defense Authorization bill, Congress extended the probationary period for all employees at the Department of Defense to two years from date of hire, and our members endorsed that effort. We have heard positive responses from our DOD members under the reformed probationary period. 

    “Extending the probationary period at other federal agencies benefits both the government and the employees by allowing supervisors to make decisions based on the employees’ performance as fully-trained employees, and allows employees more time to display proficiency in their work,” Johnson continued. “FMA supports Representative Comer’s bill to provide more flexibility across the government, and welcomes the passage of H.R. 4182 in the House. Based on feedback we have received from our DOD members, FMA prefers extending the DOD model across the rest of the federal government, and looks forward to working with our friends in the Senate who have signaled similar support. As the EQUALS Act of 2017 moves to that chamber, and discussion of the probationary period reform continues in the Senate, FMA will continue to pursue good-government bills that equip managers to provide an effective workforce.”


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