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  • Recognized by his peers, Mr. Sanderson's work at Beale Air Force Base has dramatically improved efficiency and inspires those around him.

    Alexandria, VA - Federal Managers Association (FMA) National President Patricia Niehaus is proud to announce Mr. Harl H. Sanderson, Jr. as the winner of FMA's Manager of the Year award. Mr. Sanderson is an active member of FMA Chapter 381, Beale Federal Managers Association (Air Force), 9th Mission Support Group, 9th Reconnaissance Wing at Beale Air Force Base in California, and was nominated by FMA Chapter 381 President Danny Steinmetz for this prestigious award.

    Since 2004, Mr. Sanderson has served at Beale Air Force Base. He started as the Director of the Support Division where he managed an A-76 competitive sourcing solution won by the government which required consolidating the workload from 364 military and civilian personnel positions to 139 civil servants. Upon successful completion, Mr. Sanderson was picked to be the first Deputy for Installation Support to the Mission Support Group commander and the senior civilian hosting the 9th Reconnaissance Wing, the position he currently holds. In this position, he led the 9th Reconnaissance Wing in extraordinary mission growth, including a partnership with the Navy to house a combined maintenance hub at Beale for the Global Hawk Unmanned Aeronautical Vehicle. Furthermore, Mr. Sanderson's work has resulted in the Department of Defense providing solutions for disparity among military family housing.

    Additionally, Mr. Sanderson improved the work-life balance of personnel at Beale with the development and construction of the Child Development Center, providing childcare for more than 100 families. He also ensured traffic congestion problems were solved during base construction, which ultimately saved Beale $200,000. Additionally, he encouraged the development of a $17 million temporary lodging facility for new military families and students.Off base, Mr. Sanderson acts as a liaison with the community, briefing civic leaders and community members on the positive impacts of the base on the local economy.

    "Harl is a tremendous example of what federal managers can accomplish through promoting excellence in public service," commented FMA National President Patricia Niehaus. "During our nation's current fiscal uncertainty, Harl has committed himself to running the 9th Reconnaissance Wing at Beale Air Force Base with exceptional efficiency, getting the most out of the resources and personnel available."

    Mr. Sanderson has been instrumental in expanding the influence of FMA Chapter 381, working to strengthen the relationship between chapter members and base leadership. This was prominently seen in the financial backing he obtained for the Wing for the chapter's attendance at the annual training opportunities during FMA's National Conventions.

    Prior to his current position, Mr. Sanderson was a career Air Force officer for over thirty years as a senior Air Force logistician. He retired in 2004 and then joined the federal service at Beale.

    “Harl Sanderson is an obvious choice for the FMA Federal Manager of the Year award. His work as the Deputy Director of Installation Support at Beale Air Force Base exemplifies what FMA is about,” stated FMA Chapter 381 President Danny Steinmetz. “He is a great leader, mentor, visionary and friend who is a champion for all team Beale members. Harl has his finger on the pulse of the base, which has a unique mission in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and has been instrumental in bringing the different agencies to work together to meet the mission.” Steinmetz went on to say, “Harl is considered the ‘Mayor’ of Beale Air Force Base. We are very proud of him for winning this prestigious award!”

    The FMA Manager of the Year award is presented annually to an outstanding manager or supervisor in the federal government who is a current member of the Federal Managers Association. Chapters may nominate one member to their respective Region Director, and that officer submits the name of the nominee and supporting documentation for consideration of the award. The selection committee reviews three main categories in determining the winner:

    • Workplace accomplishments/contributions
    • FMA involvement at the chapter, region or national level
    • Local community accomplishments/contributions

    Other finalists for the 2012 FMA Manager of the Year award considered by the selection committee were:

    • Ms. Diane Crocker - FMA Chapter 99, Naval Commands (Keyport/Bangor), Keyport, Washington.
    • Mr. James Harper - FMA Chapter 21, Marine Corps Air Station,Cherry Point, North Carolina

    In regard to the exemplary Manager of the Year award finalists, FMA National President Niehaus said, “We are fortunate to have so many outstanding federal managers who exemplify the best of what government can do. Those of us who work alongside these leaders throughout government understand the importance of their enthusiasm and professionalism. Harl Sanderson, Diane Crocker and James Harper each set the bar high so that others will know what can be done, rather than what has been the norm. I congratulate Harl Sanderson, Jr. on being named the Federal Managers Association's Manager of the Year! He is an example to workers and managers both in and outside of government and I am proud to call him a fellow federal manager.”


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