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  • Alexandria, VA – President Donald Trump announced three new executive orders impacting the federal workforce on Friday, May 25. Federal Managers Association (FMA) National President Renee Johnson made the following comments concerning the new executive orders:

     “We are continuing to review the three executive orders signed last week in order to properly assess the short and long-term implications they will have on the federal workforce. We are deeply concerned by both the timing of the announcement and the process by which the executive orders were signed. The timing is gut-wrentching, as the orders were signed on the Friday evening before Memorial Day, a day which holds a significant place in the hearts of federal workers.

    “We do not disagree the civil service should be modernized. It is difficult to find a stakeholder who does not agree that civil service reform would be a welcomed change if done in a thoroughly researched manner, ensuring input from all parties prior to changes being implemented. We are very concerned about a government by fiat, making broad, sweeping changes without hearings, legislative review, buy-in from stakeholders and the frontline managers charged with implementing these changes. These executive orders seem to run roughshod over a responsible, deliberate review of the current system, with the possibility of causing real harm to America’s civil service, and therefore, to our country. FMA welcomes conversations and new ideas on how to make government more efficient and effective, but as a major stakeholder, we deserve to have a seat at the table as we explore how to build on what currently works, and improve what needs to be done better.”



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