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    In a recent article, the Federal Managers Association (FMA) discussed the need for succession planning within the federal workforce as many feds approach retirement age. It is imperative for federal agencies to examine how a loss of institutional knowledge will affect their missions and goals.

    "In order to prepare for the anticipated vacuum of human capital an to ensure that agencies are equipped to continue to meet their missions at cost-efficient and effective levels, it is vital that all agencies develop realistic and achievable goals for knowledge transfer and succession planning. Agencies need to identify key management successors, and all federal agencies need to educate their employers on - or, in some cases, develop - succession plans. Succession planning is essential to maintain fiscally sound federal budgets, timely delivery of vital services and protect our national security," FMA stated.

    To read the full article please visit: http://www.fedmanager.com/columnswhats-happening/hear-it-from-fma/1014-the-need-for-succession-planning.



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