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  • Alexandria, VA - President Donald Trump signed a short-term Continuing Resolution (CR) into law late this evening ending the partial government shutdown. Both the Senate and the House of Representatives approved by voice vote a CR which will expire February 15. The CR ended the longest government shutdown in our country's history lasting 35 days. Federal Managers Association (FMA) National President Renee Johnson made the following comments on the passage of the legislation:
    "FMA is relieved that the 35-day government shutdown is finally over and all federal employees can return to work to perform their constitutionally-mandated missions and receive their hard-earned paychecks. These have been trying weeks for federal employees, many of whom were forced to endure financially draining conditions by thanklessly working without pay or were furloughed.

    "This partial government shutdown serves as an example of politics being put before the well-being of our federal workers and our nation's national security. Regardless of party affiliation, we should never play politics at the expense of our hardworking federal employees, especially when it severely hampers our nation's security and economy. Regularly coming to the brink, or shutting the government down, has become "regular order" and this irresponsibility needs to stop. FMA has continuously warned against funding government by way of CRs and this needless shutdown and resulting CR is the consequence. This is no way to ensure a productive and cost-efficient federal government.
    "FMA wants to thank all federal employees for their steadfast dedication and patience throughout this terrible shutdown. Feds continue to serve as the backbone of this great nation and we hope that as the longest government shutdown in our nation's history ends, it will be the last government shutdown we will ever have to endure."


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