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  • Alexandria, VA - The House of Representatives approved a Continuing Resolution that will fund government operations through the end of Fiscal Year 2013. The legislation, already approved by the U.S. Senate, moves on to President Obama for his signature. While this action prevents a government shutdown, it extends the federal pay freeze for a third year and maintains the sequester that took effect on March 1.

    "The Federal Managers Association (FMA) is disappointed Members of Congress avoided a government shutdown at the expense of the pay of federal managers and employees," commented FMA National President Patricia Niehaus. "Continuing to target the hard-working men and women in the federal government with a further extension of the pay freeze, as well as maintaining the sequester, is bad policy that will have negative effects on an already strapped workforce."

    "Bypassing the regular appropriations process and enacting yet another continuing resolution will ultimately result in higher costs for the American people. Federal departments and agencies face funding that does not meet their financial needs, and federal managers will continue to struggle to meet congressionally-mandated missions and goals. This will regrettably result in precisely the opposite of what the country and our struggling economy need at this time and it saddens me and my fellow managers that our fellow Americans will continue to suffer because of Congress' lack of action. We should not accept a status quo which includes forgoing a federal budget for a fourth year."

    "In 2011, federal employees accepted a two year federal pay freeze to help right the nation's financial problems. We have seen our living expenses increase, and many of us are our supporting our families on a single pay check. At a time when more is being asked of our government, the American public deserves an engaged and efficient workforce; not one Members of Congress paint as the source of our country's economic woes. Nevertheless, FMA stands ready to work with all Members of Congress to help them make better choices with regard to the nation's finances as they consider funding for FY14."


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