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  • Message from FMA President: Facing Challenging Times - June 3, 2020
  • Dear FMA Member:

    Our country is facing many challenges at this time, and I want to commend America's federal managers and supervisors for staying focused on the vital work of serving our country's citizens.

    The Federal Managers Association (FMA) is a diverse organization, with members from all races, ethnicities, and genders. We proudly support our members, and all federal workers, as they perform their congressionally-mandated duties each and every day. We are a non-partisan association that works with members of Congress and leaders in the administration, regardless of who holds the majority or White House at any given time. This has been our ongoing strength, and we adamantly remain conversational, not confrontational.

    Given the protests happening in many of our cities, while we also face the coronavirus pandemic, this is obviously a traumatic time for our nation.
    FMA is resolute in our belief that there is no place for violence or inequality in the workplace, or anywhere else in society. America, and FMA, is at its best when it supports fairness and inclusivity. We believe in giving every American the chance to do their part to make this country the best it can be. We call on every FMA member to be a shining example of the best our country stands for, and to be problem solvers, not part of the problem.

    The Federal Managers Association knows that we serve every American, and we will steadfastly continue to treat our colleagues and our neighbors with the respect each of us expects and deserves. I am proud of the members of FMA and thank you for all you do for our country.

    Sincerely yours,

    Craig Carter
    National President


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The Association’s considerable influence stems from a team approach to advocacy. When lawmakers or agency decision-makers consider proposals that could adversely affect the management of the federal workforce, they quickly realize that TEAM FMA stands together to protect the interests of all its members.

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