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  • Alexandria, VA – On Wednesday, October 21, President Donald Trump released an Executive Order creating Schedule F in the Federal Government’s Excepted Service. FMA National President Craig Carter made the following statement: 

    “FMA is deeply concerned with this Executive Order. By undermining the Pendleton Act, it will take all political neutrality out of the leadership of the civil service and eliminate the insulation provided by Pendleton from that type of influence.

    “This Executive Order is not just a first step, but could lead down a slippery slope toward eliminating the non-political civil service entirely. The unacceptable elimination of due process for terminating employees leaves them solely at the whim of politicians – intolerable under any administration, Republican or Democrat. Indeed, a hallmark of America’s civil service is the foundational, fundamental understanding that federal employees swear an oath to the Constitution and provide services to all Americans, regardless of political party. The federal government cannot function effectively without this nonpolitical civil service capable of preserving institutional memory and competence across administrations.

    “The Executive Order regrettably eliminates the civil service leadership cadre as a desirable promotion potential for younger employees who aspire to reach the higher levels of federal service. One of the best recruiting tools for the federal workforce has always been the structure and security of federal jobs, despite being paid less than our private sector counterparts. This EO eliminates that incentive to work for less pay but greater fairness and security that has inspired many to join or remain in the civil service. We are concerned that people who want to serve their country in ways other than the military may not consider the civil service after this type of systemic change in focus and purpose. FMA stands staunchly opposed to this misguided Executive Order.” 


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