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    Congress and the Administration agreed upon a budget plan last month, funding the federal government for two years and delays sequester cuts for two years. This budget deal calls upon federal employees hired after December 31, 2013 as a means of deficit reduction by contributing 4.4 percent of their salary. The Federal Managers Association (FMA) commented in an article for FEDmanager this cut to new members of the federal workforce will do nothing but impede recruitment and create a hollow federal workforce.

    "Federal managers already face recruitment obstacles. Many federal agencies and departments are under a hiring freeze despite the need to fill much needed positions. As the American public continues to call upon the federal government for services and assistance, federal agencies and departments struggle to meet demands with limited human capital resources, causing a strain on federal employees’ abilities to meet missions and goals. Additionally, federal managers face loss through attrition. In recent years, Members of Congress introduced legislation calling for either a 'one for three' or 'two for three' replacement system for those who leave the federal government. Through this process, federal managers face a shrinking workforce with an increase in workload. Federal managers and executive branch leaders need to examine why those new to the workforce do not consider the federal government as a viable career path. It is imperative managers appeal to the next generation of employees."

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