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  • Investing in America by Investing in the IRS - September 6, 2022
  • FMA writes a monthly column, "Hear it from FMA," published on FEDmanager.com. This month's article, published on September 6, 2022, defends the Internal Revenue Service from unwarranted attacks as they try to simply do their jobs on behalf of all Americans.

    It seems unlikely that anyone particularly “likes” paying taxes. Most Americans do, however, like health care, a strong military to protect and defend our interests, and Social Security – the three top budget items our federal tax dollars are spent on – not to mention the myriad other services Americans receive for their tax payments. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is regrettably no stranger to abuse from Capitol Hill, and the agency’s budget and staffing have declined for many years as a result. The negative rhetoric against the IRS from many elected leaders in DC has ramped up in recent weeks since the inclusion of $80 billion over ten years to help the agency enforce the nation’s tax laws. We’ve seen calls to defund or abolish the IRS, messages imploring people to not accept IRS jobs, and even threats to IRS employees. This is misguided, dangerous, and unacceptable.

    To read the full column, click here.


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