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  • Alexandria, VA – President Biden announced his budget request for Fiscal Year 2024 today, March 9. He is calling for a 5.2 percent pay raise for the federal workforce in 2024. The budget request also calls for comprehensive paid leave for all workers. Federal Managers Association (FMA) National President Craig Carter made the following comments on the release:

    "FMA welcomes the President’s budget request for Fiscal Year 2024 and we urge Congress and the Administration to work together to provide agencies with budget certainty and the resources they need on time for FY24.

    “We acknowledge and appreciate the 5.2 percent pay raise proposed for the federal workforce in 2024 would represent the largest increase since 1980. We also support the pay parity with military service members. However, federal pay has not kept pace with inflation, and retention of feds is at a severe risk. The Federal Salary Council reported in 2022 that federal workers earned more than 24 percent less than private sector counterparts, a growing disparity that will only force more of the best and brightest out of federal service. Earlier this year, FMA endorsed the Federal Adjustment of Income Rates (FAIR) Act (H.R. 536 / S. 124), which would provide for an 8.7 percent pay raise in 2024. We support both proposals, but will continue to advocate for the FAIR Act this year.

    “We also urge Congress and the Administration to review the federal pay ceiling cap as they discuss federal pay issues. This issue plays a serious role in recruitment and retention to the federal workforce. If an employee is offered a promotion at a higher level, with more responsibilities, but no corresponding salary increase, will they take on the new role? Many employees who are now capped are tempted to leave the government for the private sector where there is no pay cap. FMA also supports proposals to remove the cap on Federal Wage System (FWS) employees as a vital way to retain good workers through better pay and unfair caps. We are concerned by the loss of these workers, whose pay is supposed to be set according to local prevailing rates – rates which compare to the same types of jobs performed by their non-federal counterparts. The federal workforce is losing too many FWS employees to the private sector due to current compensation levels, and the pay cap on these employees must be removed.

    “FMA applauds the inclusion of national comprehensive paid family and medical leave in the budget request, providing up to 12 weeks of leave to allow eligible workers to take time off for items covered by the family and medical leave act. FMA strongly supported the successful effort to provide paid parental leave to federal employees and has endorsed legislation to provide comprehensive paid leave to feds. We are encouraged by the support from the White House and we aim to be a partner in providing this benefit.

    “We recognize the release of the President’s budget proposal is one part of the process and we look forward to taking a closer look at the President’s proposals and priorities in the days and weeks to come. We also anticipate what is to come from the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. FMA pledges to work with the Biden Administration and both chambers of Congress as they work on FY24 appropriations.”


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