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  • A Renewed Push for Commonsense Hiring Reform - July 11, 2023
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    When not talking about potential government shutdowns, continuing resolutions, or protecting pay and benefits for feds, an issue that regularly comes up in Federal Managers Association (FMA) meetings on Capitol Hill is hiring reform.

    Hiring, recruitment, and retention to the federal workforce are often talked about in Washington, D.C. The federal workforce faces a concerning comparison with the private sector in regard to time-to-hire. In Fiscal Year 2018, the average time it took to hire a new employee in the federal government was 98.3 days, which was down from 105.8 days in Fiscal Year 2017. The Office of Personnel Management’s goal across the government is 80 days. And according to the Society for Human Resource Management, the average time-to-fill in the private sector is 36 days. To speed this process, FMA supports commonsense hiring reforms and giving managers other tools to enhance the talent pipeline in the federal workforce.

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