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  • Thursday, October 09, 2014
  • Bleeding the federal workforce - October 8, 2014
  • As his three decades in Congress draw to a close, Rep. Frank Wolf talks about the low morale in government today.

    Tom Fox, The Washington Post

    After 17 terms serving in Congress, Rep. Frank R. Wolf announced plans to retire at the end of this year. Wolf, a Republican from Northern Virginia, has been a longtime advocate for federal workers. And in this interview, Wolf speaks about problems confronting the federal civil service with Tom Fox, a guest writer for On Leadership.

    Fox is the vice president for leadership and innovation at the nonprofit Partnership for Public Service, and also heads up their Center for Government Leadership. The conversation has been lightly edited for length and clarity.

    Q. How would you describe the state of today’s federal workforce?

    A. A high point for federal employees was during the Kennedy administration when President Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” There was a sense of pride — that was the heyday.

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