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  • Lawmaker proposes 8.7 percent pay cut for feds earning more than $100,000

    By FEDmanager, FEDmanager.com

    Representative Tom Rice (R-SC) recently introduced the Promoting Accountability in Decisions (PAID) for Progress Act (H.R. 1137), which would cut the salaries of all federal employees earning more than $100,000 by 8.7 percent. If enacted, the legislation would take effect immediately. FMA National President Patricia Niehaus weighed in upon introduction, stating, "“If your goal is to hinder recruiting and retaining the best and the brightest, particularly at the higher grade levels which require extensive knowledge and experience, then by all means enact this pay cut.  The notion of somehow linking federal employee compensation with the country’s economic woes may score political points, but it is uninformed and absurd.”

    "Instead of mindlessly punishing hard working civil servants for something they have no control over, Congress should be working on real solutions to address the rising health care and education costs every taxpayer faces. Congress often talks about running the federal workforce like a business, but if any business treated its employees the way this bill does, it would run that business into the ground,” Niehaus continued.

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