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  • Alexandria, VA - In light of the announcement that the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction was unable to reach agreement on a plan to put our country on the path towards prosperity, the Federal Managers Association (FMA) National President Patricia Niehaus released the following statement. "As the largest organization representing the interests of managers and supervisors in the federal government, we at FMA, like many throughout the country, are disappointed the super committee was unable to reach a bipartisan agreement and the federal government faces the pressure and consequences of sequestration." "As the committee continued its discussions over the last several months, it was clear federal employees were likely to play a disproportionate role in helping to reduce our nation's debt, and we at FMA were loath to accept a deal that placed an undue burden on those who serve the nation. Federal managers recognize that our country finds itself mired in economic uncertainty, and like many Americans, FMA members understand that shared sacrifice is necessary to restore our economic standing. Unfortunately, such a balanced plan was not put forth." "With the government facing massive across-the-board cuts to agency budgets, it is ultimately the American people who will suffer due to the committee's inaction. There is no doubt that if the sequestration process moves forward as intended, not only will federal employees be facing the prospect of furloughs and layoffs, but the taxpayers who rely on needed government services will be left without anywhere to turn. FMA urges Congress and the Administration to ensure the public is afforded a civil service that is efficient, effective and responsive. From managing and executing many of the bold initiatives to restore America's financial security to serving alongside their Armed Forces counterparts on the ground, today's federal workforce wears many hats in the effort to provide the American public with the programs and services they expect. Arbitrary cuts, independent of a strategic plan to meet the needs of our country and its citizens, will prevent federal agencies from carrying out their established missions." "We at FMA remain firm in our commitment to ensuring federal employees are not unduly targeted during deficit reduction talks while assisting our agencies in running more effectively and efficiently during this time of fiscal uncertainty."


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