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  • Recognized by her peers, Ms. Thatch of the Fleet Readiness Center East has built a team that delivers exceptional results.

    Alexandria, VA – The Federal Managers Association (FMA) is proud to announce Ms. Sue Thatch as the winner of FMA's Manager of the Year award. She is the vice president of FMA Chapter 21, Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point, North Carolina. Thatch was the impetus behind the practical concept that became the Wounded Warriors Federal Leave Act of 2015. 

    The Federal Managers Association strives to promote excellence in public service and during FMA’s 78th annual National Convention and Management Training Seminar, member Sue Thatch of FMA Chapter 21 Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point, North Carolina, was named Manager of the Year as she best exemplifies the Association’s mission. Thatch not only serves the air station professionally, but has shown dedication to her community, fellow managers, and employees. With more than 26 years of government service, Sue has earned a favorable reputation among her subordinates, peers, and leadership at the Fleet Readiness Center (FRC) East. Leading by example and taking immediate action on all issues that arise, she is a motivational force and fully dedicated to the more widespread growth within the logistics profession, particularly, expanding the logistics footprint within the FRC East production arena. Thatch persistently interjects the Integrated Logistics Support elements by continuously improving processes historically absent from logistics. She is extremely knowledgeable and has the ability to communicate on multiple levels by providing an attentive ear of understanding. True to her word, she is the role model for the policy “my door is always open” and makes herself available to answer any question without judgment, yet consistent and rule allegiant with her guidance.

    FMA members know Ms. Thatch best as the member who conceived the idea that eventually became the Wounded Warriors Federal Leave Act, P.L. 114-75. As a hands-on manager, Sue recognized the constraints newly hired federal employees faced when they tried to attend medically necessary appointments to treat military service related disabilities. Because of her, federal employees who qualify under the Department of Veterans Affairs as thirty percent disabled or more will receive 104 hours of sick leave to use within their first twelve months of employment in order to treat their disabilities. Through this, Sue created a federal workforce environment that puts the needs of the employees first. Beyond her promotion of the federal workforce, Thatch is committed to her local community. She leads Chapter 21’s annual Golf Tournament, which funds scholarships for members and their family members. She also leads a 5K Fun Run/Walk to kick off Public Service Recognition Week each year. She has a big heart and enjoys donating her time to those that need her help.

    Renee Johnson, FMA’s newly elected national president and fellow Chapter 21 member, praised Thatch, saying, “Sue is a motivator with a talent for identifying the abilities of team members and aligning such skills with complementary projects and tasking. She possesses a calm wisdom that adds to her level-headed processes and infectious positive attitude.” She added, “This mindset energizes her employees, and inspires them to achieve goals beyond expectations. She is a mentor to all, providing encouraging leadership grounded in common sense and experience.”

    The FMA Manager of the Year award is presented annually to an outstanding manager or supervisor in the federal government who is a member of the Federal Managers Association. Chapters may nominate one member to their respective Region Director, and that officer submits the name of the nominee and supporting documentation for consideration of the award. The selection committee reviews three categories in determining the winner:

    Workplace accomplishments/contributions                     

    FMA involvement at the chapter, region or national level

    Local community accomplishments/contributions         

    Other finalists for the 2015 FMA Manager of the Year award considered by the selection committee were:

    Mr. Alan Kent – FMA Chapter 99, Naval Commands, Keyport/Bangor, Washington

    Mr. Troy Hill – FMA Chapter 14, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Washington

    FMA President Emeritus Patricia Niehaus commented, “Sue is the epitome of excellence in public service. She recognized a problem that impacted her employees and developed a solution. Because of her efforts, new federal employees will not be forced to decide between their health and their dedication to federal service. As an HR professional, I understand the great impact she has on the federal workforce.” 



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