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  • Congress, Obama Administration Face Off Over Firing Executives

    By Katherine McIntire Peters, Government Executive

    The Veterans Affairs Department will no longer use the authority Congress granted it in 2014 to quickly fire poorly performing senior executives or those involved in wrongdoing, VA told lawmakers Friday, citing constitutionality concerns raised by the Justice Department. 

    The decision outraged lawmakers, who have tried to hold senior executives more accountable for the department’s failures. The 2014 Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act specifically sought to limit the appeals process for fired senior executives, but critics have warned the law violates employees’ due process rights. The Justice Department’s decision last month to decline to defend the provisions in a lawsuit against VA put VA Secretary Robert McDonald in an impossible position—continue to use the authority knowing Justice would not defend his decisions if challenged, or invoke Congressional wrath by rejecting the authority. He chose the latter. 

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