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OHO MA Membership

MISSION: The Federal Managers Association is the oldest, largest, most influential professional association representing the interests of the nearly 200,000 managers, supervisors, and executives serving in today's federal government, as well as actively promoting the interests of retired federal employees. Since 1913, FMA has been a passionate advocate for excellence in public service through effective management, and a forceful champion of its members' legislative agenda. In the Social Security Administration, all of the Program Service Centers and ODIO have manager associations, which are affiliated with FMA.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: FMA is the most powerful voice for federal managers in our nation's capital. Our considerable political influence stems from a team approach to advocacy. FMA's staff of policy analysts, communications experts, and advocates effectively brings your concerns on job, career, salary and benefits, retirement security and other issues to the attention of lawmakers and top agency decision makers. FMA's grassroots mobilization, backed by an aggressive political action committee, ensures strong allies on Capitol Hill who support the Association's policy goals.

PUBLICATIONS AND INFORMATION: FMA's members receive excellent publications and access to a wide range of helpful information. Members receive a free subscription to The Federal Manager magazine, the Association's informative quarterly e-publication. Issues update federal managers on management-related topics, professional development, and current or potential legislation affecting them. The Washington Report, FMA's member-exclusive, monthly e-newsletter, details the latest developments on Capitol Hill and other matters that affect your career. The Grassroots Update is another e-newsletter sent to members' personal email addresses, informing them of the latest Action Letters, and how they can help themselves by taking action. Yearly Issue Briefs summarize FMA's policy positions, and legislative action alerts assist members communicate with their members of with Congress.

MEMBERSHIP SERVICES: Benefits include, but are not limited to: free consultations and discounted legal services through Shaw, Bransford & Roth, P.C.; travel discounts on hotels and car rentals; specialized insurance products including life, medical, & long term care; scholarship opportunities for you and your family members through the FMA-FEEA Scholarship Fund; and, educational materials about financial services and products catering to federal employees. Visit www.fedmanagers.org/member-perks for a full listing of benefits.

To join, complete the OHO MA-FMA application, found here. This file includes our application and the SF 1187 to establish association dues withholding. On SF 1187, complete items 1 through 5. In Section A in the block that begins "I hereby certify" annotate in ink $7.00. DO NOT SIGN IN SECTION A. Please sign in Section B, date and mail or fax to the appropriate team member.

Providing your personal email address is crucial, as that is our main method of contact with our members. Please be sure to include your personal email address in your application.

If you are an OHO MA manager, please EMAIL to:

Stephanie Korupp, HOD, Portland, ME, OHO MA Secretary
Portland, ME

Dues Information

Applications for membership must be accompanied by dues payment. Dues are $7.00 per pay period. $5.42 of this goes to FMA to pay for expenses related to FMA's presentations to Congress, FMA operating expenses (including staff, website and publications). The remaining $1.58 pays for OHO MA expenses, and member travel to meetings and conventions.

OHO MA has been granted "Dues-check-off" that allows member dues to be withheld from their pay. Use an SF 1187 to authorize withholding. This is the preferred method. However, payment can be made annually ($182.00) or biannually ($91.00) by check or money order. If payment is made in this fashion, it is the member's responsibility to send the payment when due. We would appreciate not having to send reminders.

SF 1187 Instructions

Although we are not a labor organization, this is the only acceptable form for association dues withholding from pay.

SF 1187 is included in the membership application file. Please complete items 1 through 5. A separate SF 1187 can be found on the OPM website here.

Note: In Section A in the block that begins "I hereby certify" annotate in ink $7.00. DO NOT SIGN IN SECTION A. Please sign in Section B, date and mail or fax to the appropriate team member, listed above.

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Advocating Excellence in Public Service

Why Join FMA?

The Association’s considerable influence stems from a team approach to advocacy. When lawmakers or agency decision-makers consider proposals that could adversely affect the management of the federal workforce, they quickly realize that TEAM FMA stands together to protect the interests of all its members.

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